It is OK to show our Kids we aren’t Perfect

Motherhood, in my opinion, is one of the most difficult jobs to successfully manoeuvre through, especially here in this busy, bustling, competitive, fast-paced city.

Anybody who has been a mother for a day can already experience that motherhood isn’t easy, what more being a single mother. It’s not uncommon for us mothers to stretch ourselves too thin and to push ourselves to the breaking point.

We all need a time out and it’s good to take one for our mental wellbeing. We know that. We read enough about self love and self care. It’s also important for our children’s well-being too. We need to throw this superwoman myth, which we’re all supposed to balance all the various aspects of our lives to perfection.

It is ok to show our kids we aren’t perfect. We need timeout to recharge and come back when we are good and ready. It is ok to let go.

When we give to ourselves we’re actually helping our children. We become healthier, happier and less resentful of those around us. Happy mothers are more pleasurable to be around.

Now, when was the last time you took some time out for yourself and didn’t feel guilty?

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