Art Hypnotherapy Services

“Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see.”
~ Milton H. Erickson

NvtaliaRomanova Art Hypnotherapy Services

Art Hypnotherapy is also known as expressive hypnotherapy. This sort of therapy uses art as a means of communication and lets us express and explore our thoughts and emotions in a state of semi hypnosis, to harness the power of our subconscious. You do not even need to be very artistic or creatively talented to take part in this therapy.

Art Hypnotherapy is a professional method of intervention that has its roots in psychoanalysis. As a compassionate Art HypnoTherapist, I focus first on building a therapeutic connection and trust with you, to engage you at a deeper emotional level. Over time, I look for opportunities to help you identify, express and process emotions that might be hidden or blocked.

Whilst the actual process of art is therapeutic in itself, it is also a good medium for us to interpret and understand our feelings and emotions. Art Hypnotherapy helps us to empower our lives, raise our self-esteem, help express ourselves better, help communicate more efficiently, and gain better insights and clarity in our lives.

Who I help :

  • Corporate Stress Management Workshops
  • Women who need help overcoming trauma or abuse
  • Women who need help to get over divorce or failed relationship
  • Married Couples who want to deepen their bond
  • Mother & Child Relationship / Father & Child Relationship
  • Children with Terminal Illness who need to ease their pain and feel calm
  • Teenagers who need a confidence-booster / motivation to study / for sports
  • Anyone who wants clarity in life and a boost in self-confidence
  • Anyone who needs help healing from grief or distress
  • Anyone who needs a wake-up call and find her life purpose
  • Anyone who wants to quit an addiction
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight
  • Anyone who wants to overcome a lifetime phobia

As a UK-trained and certified HypnoTherapist, I infuse meditation, visualization, and positive affirmations in my hypnotherapy sessions, depending on the needs of my client.

My modality in every session is uniquely tailored to each and every client with great care, love, and professionalism.

* All sessions are private and confidential

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One-on-One Therapy $200 / 1st session
$150 / 2nd session onwards
Couple / Pair Therapy $300 / 1st session
$250 / 2nd session onwards
Group of 3-6 $80 / pax / session
Group of 7-20 $60 / pax / session
Skype / Online
$100 / 1st session
$80 / 2nd session onwards
Corporate Rates depend on number of
participants and duration.
Workshops are customized to
organization’s objectives.

All materials are provided.

Just come with an open mind and heart.
You will enjoy and reap its many benefits.

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